Konst 2013

Guns don't argue
In the mod
Talking to me
Livets scen
Butterfly collector
Den döende demonstranten
No peace. Justice.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're floating in space
Cheer up!
Been there done that
And the Lord said 'Hey, you're a bowler. No need for a brain'
I väntan på slutet av 'I väntan på Godot'
Any witnesses
Lemons never forget
Falling down
Livingroom drivein
Barhäng III
Barhäng II
Barhäng I
Falling apart
We will not forget
Drowning in my own shit
Caught one, lost one
Love will tear us apart. Again. And again.
Without you my life would be boring
A kiss is a kiss
Oh, the beauty of it all